What's the cheapest home loan?

For years, borrowers have equated the "cheapest" loan to the loan with the lowest interest rate. But what if you couldn't make extra repayments on that loan? What if it came with exorbitant monthly or annual fees? What if interest rates went up (or down)? What if you could use the money in your savings account to reduce the actual interest you pay on your home loan?

Would the loan with the lowest rate still be the cheapest??

With access to over 30 lenders and more than 1000 loans, we're here to scout the marketplace for you. We can sort through the marketing hype and present you with the loans which will save you the most in bank interest - if that's your financial objective.

But perhaps that's not your objective at all. Perhaps you need to find a more accommodating lender - one who consistently lends more to investors, or one who will overlook a couple of blemishes on your credit rating. Or maybe you'd like to avoid paying mortgage insurance using a family guarantee. Whatever your financial objectives are, Scout Finance has the experience and knowledge to get to the heart of your financial needs and present you with the best solutions.

So whether you're buying your first home or an investment property, whether your refinancing an existing loan or borrowing against the equity in an existing property, call Scout Finance today on 02 9526 7899.